Casting process



Core BenefitsCore Benefits01
We have a technical R&D team and mastered various design software tools (CAD, PRO/E, Solidwork, UG); casting simulation software (AnyCasting); and measurement software (CALYPSO, OBLFwin) to provide our customers with the following professional services
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Material Selection02
We develop suitable materials according to customers' product requirements to reduce product costs.
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Real sample mapping03
We perform mapping and sample development based on actual samples from customers.
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Weight loss04
We provide advice and design solutions for the lightweighting of our customers' products.
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Structure optimization05
To improve the service life and reduce the cost of products, we provide customers with suggestions and solutions for converting sheet metal parts and welded parts into castings.
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Owning our own patented design.
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Cooperation Team07
We have professional partners to provide professional surface treatment services (electrophoretic paint, plastic spraying, hot-dip galvanizing, cold-dip galvanizing, Dacromet), forging and forging services, and hardware stamping services.
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About Us

About Us

About Us

Ningbo Zhiye Mechanical Components Co.,Ltd is  located in Xia Chen Industrial Zone, Chunhu Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo City. It is a famous manufacturer of precision casting in the industry. It provides professional silica sol casting process ,lost foam casting process, and a full range of supporting machining equipment. And now it has become a well-known supplier of precision casting in China. The annual output of silica-sol casting products is 2,000 tons, and the annual output of lost foam casting products is 3,000 tons. 

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Ningbo Zhiye Machinery Parts Co., Ltd

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Address: Xiachen Industrial Zone, ChunhuTown, Fenghua District, Ningbo CityZhejiang Province,China-315538